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Goals for Project Managers
Last Post 13 Jul 2010 12:05 PM by Marcin Ogrodowczyk. 3 Replies.
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Stacey Stein New Member New Member Posts:3

08 Mar 2010 09:56 AM
    I am looking for examples / best practices with regard to creating goals and objectives for project managers. Our goal is always "on time, on budget and with approved scope." This a PMs job, not something that can be copied into an annual performance management plan.
    Any ideas or suggestions?
    Manish Sindgikar New Member New Member Posts:2

    08 May 2010 10:57 PM
    Dear Stacey,

    I agree that an PM's prime goal & objective is to adhere to time, budget & scope of a project. These three are main solid pillars on which a success of a project depends. Following discussion will make my views more clear,

    On time: Project manager should set an example by practice the importance of timeliness in project planning, executing, monitoring & controlling. Team members will do what their leader do, how he/she behaves & how he or she reacts to challenges. Certain decisions have to be taken by PM's on the spot & that particular time instance. Such decisions are crucial for project success.

    Within budget: PM's has to perform within budget sanctioned by sponsor. PM has to balance Quality & budget scales. A budget constraint should not compromise on the quality of the end product of the project. If budget is an limitation to conformance to requirements of sponsor, PM should immediately bring this point to notice of the sponsor and management.

    Within scope: PM along with his team members and Sponsor should clearly define the scope of the work to be performed. The scope should include work & only the work to be performed for completing the project. The scope should be unambigious and should be understood by all stakeholders in the project. Any change to the scope should go through the change control process.

    PM has to do balanced rope walking by balancing all the above crucial factors. All above three factors are project specific and annual performance management plan is different.

    Thank you,

    Manish Sindgikar.
    PMID 1718608.
    PMP no: 1327442.

    GANG WU New Member New Member Posts:5

    28 May 2010 08:22 AM
    Hi, upstairs, I think all you are talking about are right but the ultimate goal of project manager is to help your employer organization more successful and make more profits - under governance of PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct of course-:)
    In some cases, stick strictly to original budget/scope/timeline is not a competitive attitude towards your company business.
    Yes, this is a little beyond project manager job scope, but as project manager, it's better if you can think the way your sales/presales/account managers thinking, so, I prefer add a KPI for project managers to measure whether you have worked well with sales/presales/sponsors and utilized maximum new business opportunities.D
    during the project life cycle.

    Not on time, not on budget, original scope expanded a little, but if your boss and customer are happy with your deliverables and your services and you built a strong relationship through this strategic cooperation partnership project, and customer signd a new big contract with your company before the first project closed.(Yes, it's not on time, so not closed yet)


    On time, on budget with agreed scope and acceptable quality standards, but afterwards, your customer turned to your competitor company for a bigger new business.

    Which one is better do you think?

    To survive and develop business better, to help your employer organization more successful and make more profits, is the ultimate goal of project managers, I believe.

    Jethro.Wu, PMP
    Marcin Ogrodowczyk New Member New Member Posts:4

    13 Jul 2010 12:05 PM
    In my opinion the most important for PM is confidence. I can't imagine that good relationships with stakeholders (customer, sponsor,employee) can exist without confidence. So I always try to keep the word.

    According to Gang Wu question about case1 and case2. If we take into account PMBOK and PM Code of..... it is clear that case2 is model example. Of course, when we take into account the good of the company better is case1 (assumption: profit from second contract will cover all potential losses from first contract). But, how you will build good relationships with stakeholder?? Unfortunately I know that it is possible but it always has second bottom. I work in construction and I know that in some case stakeholder want to make something contrary to approved plan, to make some small but extra work.

    And one more question. How you can trust someone who once broke the contract, the word, the approved plan? It is high possibility that he will make the same second time.
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